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Nordic Branded was founded on the 19th of June 2015. Our aim is to become East Africa’s key distributor for quality products mainly from Europe. Nordic Branded understands the dynamic of the East African region with agents in Uganda and Tanzania and partners across the rest of  East Africa and recognize that in order for us to successfully represent our suppliers’ products in the market demands and awareness of the subtleties of both. 

In order to keep up with the industry we have developed an unprecedented combination of expertise, partnership, and network; no other distribution company can offer such informed and flexible services. Our commitment to finding quality products enables us to continually advance and grow in line with the suppliers and markets we serve. 

Our Products


The Swedish Cider Company’s brand älska trebled its volume in 2015 and extended its success in Great Britain, Ireland, Korea and Russia with successful launches in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Vietnam. The brand’s success is pinned by a superior premium product that is vegan and gluten free, innovative flavour range and value price position.  

Thanks to Nordic Branded, Älska is now available in liquor stores and supermarkets across East Africa. Nordic Branded imports quality products to East Africa and is the licensed distributor of the tastiest and refreshing fruit cider from Stockholm Sweden. We distribute all flavours of Älska in both bottle & cans. 

Our Products

Henry Weston Ciders

In 1880 Henry Weston first started crafting cider from the bittersweet apples grown on his farm in Much Marcle, Herefordshire.

Over many years he refined the art of Herefordshire cider making. Today, Henry Weston Vintage Cider is crafted only from apples grown in a single year’s harvest in the three counties of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire & Worcestershire. The cider is then slowly matured in aged oak vats to deliver a smooth and rounded cider, with exceptional character.

At Westons Cider, everything they are goes into everything they make and for over 135 years, they have been putting their passion, pride and expertise into every drop of their award winning ciders.

The Weston Ciders Nordic Branded supplies to East Africa include:

  • Henry Weston Vintage Cider
  • Stowford Press
  • Wyld Wood

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